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Neretva River

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  • 10+ km
  • Moderate
  • Free
  • 3 hours

The most beautiful river in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr.Ante Starcevica bb, 88 000 Mostar
Several restaurants offering local cuisine can be found along the river

Neretva River is 230 km long and flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina a small part of Croatia. It springs below Mountain Jabuka in Bosnia


It runs through the mountainous regions of upper Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the most part of its course has the characteristics of a mountain river. Its tributaries are: Zurevica stream, Slatinica, Rakitnica, Tresanica, Neretvica, Rama among others


It is known for its emerald green-colored potable water.


The river’s fauna is very varied – from eels to many species of trouts live inside its waters.


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How to get there

Drive: Sarajevo-Konjic-Mostar