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Nevado de Toluca

Photo credit: Gacela Octli / Foter / CC BY-SA
Nevado de Toluca
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Mexico's 4th highest peak

Carretera Temascaltpec Km. 18, San Antonio Acahualco, 51360 Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico

Nevado de Toluca’s official name is Xinantécatl, it is an inactive volcano located 22 kilometeres (14 miles) away from the city of Toluca or 80 kilometeres (50 miles) away from Mexico City.


It stands at an elevation of 4,680 meteres (15,354 feet) above sea level, making it the fourth highest peak in Mexico just after Popocatepelt, Iztaccíhuatl and Pico de Orizaba.


The volcano’s climate varies throughout the year; it gets very rainy and mild during the summer and during the winter months, it’s dry, cold and often snowed.


There are several legends inspired on the volcano, one of them is that a priest named Xinan wanted to meet a goddess that lived in Metepec (a town near the volcano). One day, Xinan went into the lake naked and enraged the goddess, who commanded he left. He didn’t listen and fell in love with her and every day, he’d go to the lake to see her.


Sick of it, she threw him far away from the lake. The priest became heart-broken and opened up his chest and ripped his heart out to burn it.


The priest’s dead body began growing from the ground and his heart began to burn everything around it while it turned into a lava-spewing volcano around the goddess’s home.


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Nevado de Toluca Nevado de Toluca Nevado de Toluca