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Ninety Mile Beach

Photo credit: Heike_Quosdorf / Foter / CC BY
Ninety Mile Beach

A beach far north of New Zealand and officially a public highway

Ninety Mile beach is on the western coast of the far north of New Zealand. It stretches from Ahipara Bay to Scott Point, five kilometres south of Cape Maria von Diemen. Although it is s called “Ninety Mile Beach”, it is actually 55 miles long.


The beach is officially a public highway, but mainly suitable for 4WD vehicles and safe to drive on low tides. Rental companies usually won’t allow to drive their cars on the sand. There have been several incidents with tourist driving the car on the beach and getting stuck in the sand.


Besides driving along the beach and enjoying a spectacular sunset, the beach is popular for its sand dunes. On a beautiful sunny day it is fun to do bodyboarding down the dunes or just imagine that you walk in the desert-like surrounding.


If you are into fishing, once a year in late February or early March, Ninety Mile Beach hosts a five day fishing competition.


There are plenty of camping sites and holiday parks around the area. The best way to get around is by car but if you are short of time, take a bus tour from Kaitaia or Bay of Plenty.

How to get there

Fly: Scenic flights from Paihia.

Drive: From Auckland five hours.

Bus: Daytrips from Bay of Islands and Kaitaia.