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Niska Banja

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Niska Banja
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Popular tourist town and spa

Srpskih junaka 2, 18205 Niska Banja
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Niska Banja belongs to the group of most developed spas in Serbia together, which individually realize over 100,000 nights per year, with relatively developed healing function, solid material base and favorable location (proximity to communication routes, urban settlements and other factors). Natural healing factors in Niska Banja are mild, moderate continental climate, thermal mineral water, natural mineral mud and medicinal gases. Spring waters, which come from five sources (“Glavno Vrelo”, “Suva Banja”, “Skolska Cesma”, “Banjica” and “Pasjaca”), belong to the group of alkaline earth homeotherms (36-38 ° C), slightly mineralized, with a capacity of 56 liters per second.

Opening hours

Every day 00-24

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Nis and by road to Niska Banja