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Niška Banja (Spa Town)

Photo credit: Intermedichbo
Niška Banja (Spa Town)
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  • 3-5 km
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  • 3 hours
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A delightful spa with many healthy properties

The expression “Spa” is obtained from the Latin language, Salus per Aquam, which means “health by water”. This is because, in the ancient times, people used to travel to hot or cold springs in hope of finding the cure for their illnesses.


Niška Banja (pronounced Neeshkah-Banya) is situated ten kilometers from the city of Niš, located in southeastern Serbia, surrounded by Svrljig Mountains and beside the main motorway Niš–Sofia.


This health and wellness resort is well-known and respected by tourists in the country as well as outside the borders. The wellsprings of this spa release water that is considered one of the most radioactive waters in Serbia.



Some studies reveal that the first bath in Niska Banja was built in the second century. After a long period, the spa is mentioned again in the period when Serbia was under Turkish rule. A legend says that a horse owned by a pasha from Nis got sick, so the pasha gave it to some man from Niška Banja to take care of him. The horse was given the water from the spring and was lying in the mud, and soon after, he was healed. During that period, the Spa was also a place for rest for Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.


Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, king of Yugoslavia, requested fresh thermal water from Niška Banja to be shipped to Belgrade every two days.



There are three principal sources of thermal water in this spa: Glavno Vrelo (The Main Spring), Suva Banja (Dry Spa) and Školska Česma (School Fountain). Niska Banja is also known for its radioactive gas, radon, which is used for inhaling. Large supplies of calcareous tuff stone that is very rare in nature can be found here.


This Spa has a mild, calming climate, which is very good for convalescents.


Disorders and illnesses treated in Niska Banja are rheumatic, cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, as well as gynecological and neurological illnesses.


Apart from medical treatments, Niška Banja also offers wellness and spa programs for recreation and reducing stress and weight loss.


Today, Niška Banja is a modern tourist center and also a great place for sports team training and competitions with its football, tennis and handball courts and a horse racing track. Breathtaking competitions in paragliding are also held in Niška Banja. During the entire tourist season, concerts, theatre plays and film projections, exhibitions, folklore ensemble performances are organized in the spa. It is also fully equipped for hosting congresses and seminars.


Niška Banja is a great place for rest, but in combination with its hospital, fresh air, mud and mineral water, it is also a place for restoring vitality. That is the main reason for increasing the trend of combining the benefits of visiting Niš with a holiday in Niška Banja.

How to get there

There are regular public transportation buses leaving from Niš every half an hour, which have Niška Banja as their final destination. They will get you to the center of the Banja.