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Nos Kaliakra

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Nos Kaliakra

Kaliakra Main Street Road, Varna 8000
You must try all the sea specialities in the local restuarants of Kaliakra. Since the city is on the shore of Black Sea, the seafood is really tasty
During the summer you will enjoy the place the most

Cape Kaliakra or in Bulgarian Nos Kaliakra is probably the most beautiful and strange place on the Bulgarian Black Sea shore. Located few kilometers away from the town of Kavarna and around 60 kilometeres away from one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria – Varna. The whole peninsula is around 2 kilometers long. Cape Kaliakra is seventy meters tall and if you spent some time around this natural landmark you will see how the gigantic waves collapse when they reach the rocks. Locals say that the cape looks like a giant sword that is penetrating the sea.The name of the nearby city and cape Kaliakra is originally Greek and it means ‘’beautiful nose’’.

Back in the past, Cape Kaliakra was the home of different fortresses. Different nations were building fortresses because of the fact that the location of the place is perfect for situating armies and for establishing well secure towns. The Thracians who used to control nowadays Bulgaria, were calling the place “Tirizis’’. The Romans were calling Nos Kaliakra – Acra and the Byzantians – Akres Castelum. The place was also a home of two important historical events. In 1444 the knights of Vladislav of Varna marched against the Ottoman Empire around Cape Kaliakra. Later on in 1791, the greatest battle in Black Sea happened around Kaliakra. The Russian navy led by Admiral Ushakov defeated the Turks. This war was the end of the Russian-Turkish War.

Apart from history the place can also offer interesting and mystery stories. The most famous story for Cape Kaliakra is for the 40 Bulgarian Girls. The girls tied their hairs together and jumped from the cliff into the water. They did this to escape from the Turks. One of the girls was called Kaliakra and this is why the name of the cape is Kaliakra. Nowadays there is a monument in the name of these girls. It is called the gate of the 40 Virgins. Another legend about Nos Kaliakra, tells us about Saint Nikola. Saint Nikola was the patron saint of the sailors and everyone was obeying his will. The Saint was running away from the Turkish soldiers and God extended the earth under his legs so he could escape. The earth that was extended was Cape Kaliakra. Unfortunately he was captured and later the locals built a temple on this place. Now you can visit the temple Saint Nikola and enjoy the wonderful views.

Many people choose to wait for July first on Nos Kaliakra. The fact that the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea shore is less popular than the southern shore, makes Nos Kaliakra failry unknown for both international and local tourists. If you want to say that you had been in Bulgaria than you definitely must visit Cape Kaliakra. The road from the big city of Varna to Kaliakra is failry good, which makes the place accessible for tourists from all over the globe. Do not hesitate to go to North Bulgaria and wait for the sunrise over Nos Kaliakra. This will be a lifetime experience for you and your friends.

How to get there

First you need to go to the town of Kaliakra. From Kaliakra you will see the street signs that lead to the Cape.