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Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa

Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa
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One of the three aragonite caves in the world

049 35 Ochtiná, Slovakia
You have to wear warm clothes because the temperature inside is 7°C.
The tour has 300 meters and takes 30 min.
Closed in January, February, March and Mondays.
Permission to take pictures costs 10 €.
Adult - 6€
Children - 3€
Students - 5€

Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa is a cave situated in the center of Slovakia, in the region Košický Kraj. Located at the foothills of the middle Tatras, it is a cavity with unique formations in the world. The cave stands for beautiful eccentric aragonite formations. The white colour contrasts with the reddish formations of the cave. It is one of the three aragonite caves in the world and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCOin 1995.


The Marble Hall has walls of crystalline limestone with a striped appearance. In the room, you can see strange limestone formations ocher as a result of increased water table produced by tectonic movement.


The roofs of the Board of the Milky Way are decorated only with eccentric aragonite formations. The white formations ceiling cracks shine like stars in the sky. It is considered the most beautiful part of the cave.

Opening hours

9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00