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Old Town of Nin

Old Town of Nin
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The historic core of Mediterranean city

Grad Nin 23232, Nin Croatia
Lots of restaurants with Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, fish, pasta, pizza, calamari

Nin is a small town located about 15 km northwest of Zadar. Center of the ancient city is on a small island of 500 meters, connected to the mainland by two bridges, built on the former estuary sandbank into the sea. On the north side is surrounded by a sandbank and weekend village, on the eastern side by salt works and on the south and west side of the newer part of the town.
Church of St. Cross is best known building in Nin, also known as “the smallest cathedral in the world”, is located next to the parish church in Nin. It dates from the 9th century, and has shape of a Greek cross. The dome has oval shape that narrows toward the top and on the outside is decorated with blind niches.

Opening hours

00 – 24, every day

How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Split, exit Zadar and by road to Nin