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Old Town of Samobor

Old Town of Samobor
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One of the oldest and most popular excursion destinations in Croatia

Trg kralja Tomislava 5, 10430 Samobor
Lots of restaurants with local cuisine

Samobor is a town near Croatian capital of Zagreb. Located on the eastern slopes of the Samobor mountains, near the river Sava. Since ancient times, Samobor has important traffic meaning, the Croatian-Slovenian border, is located just 5 kilometers from the city center, and has not changed since the mid-12th century.
Samobor is one of the earliest tourist resorts in the region, with the first tourist facilities dating back to 1810. The first organized hiking trip in Croatia was held near Samobor in 1875.
City organizes one of the best carnivals in Croatia. Samobor is known for great local cuisine.

Opening hours

00 – 24, every day

How to get there

30 kilometres west of Zagreb with local good roads