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Old Town of Umag

The historic core of Mediterranean city

Obala Josipa Broza Tita, 52470 Umag
Many restaurants with local and international cuisine
Umag is a town on the west coast of Istria, just 10 km from the Slovenian border, and along with Savudria, Umag is the westernmost town in Croatia. Not far from Umag is a place called Valica. Valica is  surrounded by nature and close to the beach and Kanegre with the cleanest sea suitable for bathing in Istria. There visitors will be able to find a beautiful river Dragonja.  Umag is close to the international airport Secovlje and Piran. The town is a vast tourist resort. Natural beauty and geographical location were crucial for the development of tourism. Agritourism, although industry still on the rise is attracting more and more tourists who are looking for unusual and extraordinary sights and locations. Umag is known for ATP Croatia Open tennis tournament that is held since 1990.

Umag has a rich history which you can experience just by walking through the streets. In the old days, back in ancient times, Roman noblemen first recognized the beauty and prestige this town exudes. Many rulers found Umag to be a true sight for sore eyes. Centuries went by, and Umag retained its beauty and appearance.

In this modern age, visitors can enjoy a beautiful scenery, untouched nature, Venetian villas, restaurants in old taverns, narrow alleys, and more. Umag is a town suitable for just about anyone. Families with children will enjoy sunbathing, taking long walks, playing on big, equipped playgrounds, having picnics and a lot more. Umag also has a lot to offer to young people eager of parties and wild nightlife. Adventurers will be able to enjoy exploring the city walls, visiting the town Museum and old churches. If found at the right place at the right time; tourists will be able to attend Sepomaia Viva, the international antique festival. Umag will give you a beautiful, active holiday and memories which will last forever.




Opening hours

00 – 24, every day

How to get there

Highway Zagreb-Rijeka exit Rijeka and by road to Pazin-Umag