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Old Town of Zupanja

Photo credit: Modzzak
Old Town of Zupanja
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The town that witnessed Croatia's first football match

Veliki kraj 66, 32270 Zupanja, Croatia

Zupanja is located in eastern Croatia, which is regionally and historically called Slavonia and lies beside River Sava. The formation of this settlement took place  during the second half of the fifteenth century.

The regional museum, known as Stjepan Gruber, has the only preserved watchtower from the period of the Slavonian Military border.

Aside from that, this village witnessed the first football and tennis matches in southern Europe and, to honor those events, unique monuments were placed around the city.

If you’re visiting in February, make sure to attend Sokacko Sijelo, a cultural and entertainment event established in 1968, that is held every year. The event’s theme is the rich and luxurious culture and tradition of Slavonia. It showcases the lifestyle and customs of the region’s inhabitants.

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How to get there

Driving: Zagreb-Lipovac highway. Take the exit to Zupanja.