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The Mausoleum of the Serbian and Yugoslav Royal Dynasty Karadjordjevic

Ulica Kraljice Marije 4, 34310 Topola
Entrance ticket is 300 dinars (approx. 2.50 eur/ 2.70usd)

St. George’s church and the Mausoleum of the Serbian and Yugoslav Royal House of Karadjordjevic is located on top of Oplenac hill, near the town of Topola.
The complex includes the church of Sv. George with the Mausoleum of the Serbian Royal family, King Petar’s house, Karadjordje’s town with museum and church.
Church of St. George is five domed temple with the white marble facade. It is an endowment of King Petar Karadjordjevic, who wanted to continue the tradition of Serbian medieval royal families, who also built churches. The whole interior is covered with copies of the most beautiful frescoes from medieval Serbian monasteries, done in a unique mosaic technique. There are 40 million tiles, 725 compositions, 1500 figures. In the crypt of the church there is a mausoleum where are buried members of Karadjordjevic dynasty. Karadjordje’s town is built in the period from 1811 – 1813 by Karadjordje Petrovic, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising. Preserved objects include house with a tower, a church with a bell tower and a school, which serves as National Library “Radoje Domanović”. In the former Karadjordje’s house is a permanent exhibition of personal belongings of the Leader and authentic weapons from the First Serbian Uprising, including the original Karadjordje’s cannon known as “Aberdare”. Cannon is missing the right handle, which was used for making the crown for King Petar I Karadjordjevic. It symbolically represented connection of its reign with the glorious reign of his grandfather, Karadjordje.

Opening hours

08:00 - 16:00

How to get there

Highway A2- Belgrade-Gornji Milanovac, exit Gornji Milonovac and by road to Topola 40 km