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A Mayan archaeological site you might have not heard about - ideal to get off the beaten track

Located in the town of Calderitas stands Oxtankah, believed to have been established as a trade center by the Mayas between 200 and 600 BC and later re-inhabited during the 15th century. The original name of the site remains unknown and its current one was given by archaeologists in 1937.


The main buildings and temples were built during the Classic period in a Petén style, similarly to Tikal and other nearby sites. Many questions about Oxtankah remain unanswered and it is unclear how important it was to the Mayas as the site was abandoned for a long period of time.


A chapel stands on the northern end of the site. The chapel was built during the Spanish conquest and is proof of how much impact they had on the natives of the Americas, leaving almost no cities unconquered.