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Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

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The highest clock tower in the world and the highest building in Poland

Plac Defilad 1, 00 – 901 Warszawa

Built back in 1955, this building is undeniably one of the largest soviet-style constructions in the world. Actually, it was named a “gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation” during those times, and offered by Joseph Stalin himself. This high, pompous building stands right near the Warsaw Central Railway station (Warszawa Centralna). When looking at it, you can’t resist that feeling of being so small in comparison to such grandiose constructions.


This is the highest building not only in Warsaw, but in the whole country. It has 42 floors, with total height of 230,5 meters. This impressive superstructure has about 3,000 rooms. You can find almost everything you want there: from offices and institutional headquarters to a cinema and even a swimming pool. What is more, this Palace features two concert halls, the Congress Hall (Sala Kongresowa) and the Concert Hall (Sala Koncertowa). They are considered to be the best equipped and most popular concert halls in Poland.


However, the most important place for visitors in the whole building is the large terrace on the 30th floor. This viewpoint is called ‘trzydziestka’ (read like tshy-) by the locals and is located on the height of 114 meters above the city. The entrance ticket costs 20 PLN. This place is really a must for every visitor in Warsaw.


On New Year’s Eve in 2000, the Polish authorities presented the new clock on the top of this building. It features four discs, 6 meters in diameter each – which makes it the second-largest clock in Europe. Yet, the track of the records does not end with that. Thanks to its height, this building is the highest clock tower in the world.


Finally, you should visit it not only during the daytime, but also in the evening. The stunning illumination makes it shine in different colors changing one by one – even making it multicolored!


Opening hours

9:00 – 18:00