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Palma Aquarium

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Palma Aquarium
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Visit Europe's deepest shark tank on Mallorca

C/ Manuela de los Herreros i Sorà, 21, 07610 Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Adults pay €23 and children (3 - 12 years) pay €14.

The Palma Aquarium lets you immerse into the fascinating underwater world. Located at El Arenal, only a short drive from Palma, it offers a huge marine park. The aquarium holds over 8.000 animals of 700 different species. Swimming in 5 million liters of saltwater, you can explore fishes, sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish and much more. Furthermore, the aquarium supports environmental issues, as for example the protection of red tuna or some shark species.


The aquarium is divided into different zones, which let you explore the varieties of fish swimming in the mediterranean sea, the colourful underwater animals and fishes of the tropical oceans, the huge and impressive sharks hiding in the deep blue, the soft movements of the jellyfish as well as animals living in the mediterranean or inside the jungle. The mediterranean sea is displayed in 25 aquariums. Here you can watch out for the typical species like sea stars, seahorses, rays, octopus and moraines. The tropical oceans are a world full of colour. Living corals, colourful fishes and a huge biodiversity awaits you in this area with 24 aquariums. And keep your weyes open! Here you will spot the famous clownfish, known from Nemo.


With 8.50 meter deepness, the Deep Blue aquarium is the deepest shark tank in Europe. Entering the Deep Blue, you will be surrounded by ceiling-high glass windows, behind which the spectacular and aggressive sharks make their rounds. This is not only impressive and breathtaking, but it also feels like being in a dream world. Cushions are provided on the floor, in order to hang out and to inhale this stunning underwater theater, where mysterious but also calm-looking sharks are the protagonists. Inside the Medusarium you will find various species of jellyfish, which let themselves float around the cylindrical aquariums.


The Palma Aquarium is also home to the biggest roof terrace in Spain, which displays the habitat of the tropical jungle. Especially during summer, this is a place to relax and to cool down from the heat, as the high air humidity makes the temperature decrease. Most impressive is the seven meter high waterfall, behind which the temperature is the coolest. Furthermore, the Palma Aquarium counts with a huge mediterranean outdoor area, representing a typical mediterranean environment. Take your time for a stroll through mediterranean flora and fauna. Here you will find typical herbs, oleander and a small pond with rays and common carps. It is a small oasis of tranquility for you to relax, have small snack and a cool drink before exploring the rest of the huge aquarium – one of the biggest in Europe.


The Palma Aquarium also offers various activities related to the underwater world. Do you dare swimming with the sharks? The aquarium offers you the unique possibility to jump into the Deep Blue and spend some time together with eleven sharks of two different species. You will be guided by a professional diving instructor, who takes you underwater for about one hour. If that is too much of an adventure for you, you can also book a tour swimming with the rochen in the outdoor pool. If you are looking for a babysitter, maybe the shark-sitter is something for you. Drop of your child at 7.30 p.m. and pick it up the next day at 11 a.m.. That way, you have the whole night off and your child is in good hands with the sharks in the deep blue.

Opening hours

9:30 - 18:30

How to get there

Take a bus and get off at Ses Fontanelles, the bus stop is directly at the antrance to the aquarium.

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