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Pamina Rheinpark in Rastatt

Photo credit: Jeff Attaway / Foter / CC BY
Pamina Rheinpark in Rastatt
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A park and open air museum

PAMINA-Rheinpark – Zentrale, Am Kirchplatz 6 – 8, 76437 Rastatt - Ottersdorf

The Pamina Rhine Park is not just a pure nature reserve but also an open-air museum. The unique landscape between Karlsruhe and the southern district of Rastatt is the most attraction important here. The Pamina Rhine Park is a part of Pamina-space, which is approximately 5,000 km² large area and it’s part of its strategic central location. Pamina Rhine Park has a total area of about 770 km² and offers unique natural and cultural attractions including the German-French cycling path – the Rheinau bike path, ten thematically coordinated museums on both sides of the Rhine River, two nature centers, and many stations along the way annually attract thousands of visitors here.


Opening hours

14:00 - 17:00