Pamplemousses Garden

Pamplemousses Garden ,Mauritius Cost Written by: max

Summary: Pamplemousses Garden of Mauritius

More info: Mauritius National Botanical Garden is home to an incredible variety of tropical plants, many of them indigenous. These gardens are situated in the village of Pamplemousses which lies about seven miles North East of the Capital, Port Louis. Pamplemousses was probably the earliest of the ‘botanical gardens’in the tropics. The botanical garden stretches over endless acres of land and it may take you more than a week to cover the whole garden. It is populated with more than 650 varieties of plants among which are the famous Baobabs, the Palmier Bouteille, the ineluctable Giant Water Lilies, dozens of medicinal plants, a large spice garden and many more.

Address: Pamplemousses Garden, Mauritius

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