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Paprika fest

  • (worth a detour)
  • 1-2 km
  • Easy
  • Free
  • half day
  • 2 2

If you are in need of ground paprika, visit them and while you’re there, try their food. It’s amazing!

One of the most famous things in Croatia is the ground paprika from Baranja, it’s also known as the Red gold of Baranja.


Baranja is a hidden part of Croatia, it’s a small corner next to the Croatian-Hungarian border. It once belonged to Hungary, but then after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (or the Dual Monarchy, if you will) the winners got parts of the loser’s land and that’s how Baranja became a part of Croatia.


It’s a really rich part of this country. They have ethno villages, they make traditional spices, they have eco fruits and vegetables, they have all sorts of interesting things and really tasty food. But Lug (or Laskó in Hungarian) is special for its ground paprika. People have been making it for a really long time and almost every family has some kind of secret of how they do it, how they grow the vegetable itself, how they dry it, or how they process it afterwards. Some even smoke it. If you visit this event, no matter whose paprika will you try, each and every one will taste differently.


This event isn’t known only for the paprika, it’s also known for the Fish cooking competition! People gather and they put to test their cooking abilities, a certified jury tries the dishes, then they decide which one is the best. Naturally, the winners get different prizes.


The event also has a similar element as the Kakasütés (also on this list of cultural events in Slavonia and Baranja) which is the traditional folk dances and songs. No matter where you go, if there’s a cultural event in Croatia, you’ll probably see some folk dances and hear some folk songs. These things go hand in hand around here!


In conclusion, if you like good food and you’d love to have a good time, this is the right place for you. You’ll see some traditional things, you’ll try some traditional food and we guarantee that you’ll have a great time (if you like these kinds of things)!