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Parish (St.Jacob’s) Church

Parish (St.Jacob’s) Church
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Magnificent late Gothic hall-building

Škofja Loka, Cankarjev trg
If you wish to visit the church, you need to notify them ahead of time.

When you arrive at Škofja Loka, you will be instantly impressed by beautiful late Gothic hall-building – the Šentjakob (Saint Jacob’s) Parish Church.


This astonishing building was constructed in 1471, over the understructure of the prior, older church, dating back from the 13th century.Its interior was revived in the 20th Century according to architectural drawings by famous Slovenian architect – Jože Plečnik.


The church’s bell tower belongs to the 16th century. It was constructed in 1532, after the earthquake, together with a new presbytery.


It’s hard to imagine Škofja Loka’s panorama without this mighty bell tower: it draws your attention from afar.

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  • Parish (St.Jacob’s) Church
  • Parish (St.Jacob’s) Church
Parish (St.Jacob’s) Church Parish (St.Jacob’s) Church