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Parisi Udvar

Photo credit: Gillian in Brussels / Foter / CC BY
Parisi Udvar
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A gorgeous shopping mall from the early 20th century

Located in Ferenciek Tere, a famous (and one of the oldest) squares in the city of Budapest, Parisi Udvar is an incredibly beautiful shopping mall built in many architectural style in the early 20th century. It was designed by the German architect Henrik Schmahl. In English, the name Parisi Udvar means “Paris Court” and this can be attributed to the roof of the mall which was inspired on the Passage des Panoramas in Paris.


The building was completed in 1913, after four years of hard work since 1909. During the Second World War, it was taken and transformed into an apartment complex and in the process, it’s gorgeous details were mostly covered up. Until the 50’s shops began moving back and it was renovated until the 70’s to look as beautiful as it did originally.

How to get there

Metro: Ferenciek Tere station

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