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Pavla Partisan Hospital

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Memorial plate dedicated to one of the most important war hospitals.

Partizanska bolnica Pavla
Prelovčeva 9
5280 Idrija
Visiting Pavlaś Hospital is a great one day hiking or biking trip from Idrija.

Pavla Partisan Hospital was one of the biggest hospitals in this area in the time of WWII. More than 1,600 patients found medical attention here, in a wooden barrack hidden in the forest. More than ten objects were part of the hospital, but none remained whole to this day.


Pavla Partisan Hospital got its name from a well-known doctor Pavla Jerina Lah, who was a doctor and the administrative of the hospital from 1944 till the end of the war.


None of the wooden barrack can be seen today and the only reminder of this institution is the memorial plate in the middle of the forest.


Although there is really not much to see here, it is a nice bike ride through the forest to get to this place and nice places for family picnic can be found nearby.

I would recommend a nice active day in the Idrija surroundings and visiting this place as part of that trip, but if you have limited time to spend in Idrija, I would recommend you to choose something else instead.


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How to get there

Drive from Idrija to Vojsko, on a narrow road and turn for Mrzla Rupa. Continue your way towards Hudo Polje.