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A tranquil holiday resort dominated by German tourists

Peguera, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
If you like cake, you will find some German baleries in Paguera which offer delicious German style cakes.

In Mallorca’s south west lies the tourist resort Peguera (also known as Paguera). Loved by German tourists, Peguera is like a little Germany on the Spanish island. Hotels, holiday apartments and restaurants dominate the scene in Peguera and the three beaches Playa Palmira, Playa Tora and Playa la Romana line the coastal town. Trying to get over mass and party tourism, the town started to establish itself as a more relaxed and tranquil holiday destination for families and best agers.


The downtown is dominated by the Bulevar de Peguera, a traffic reduced shopping street. Boutiques sell watches, bags, shoes and souvenirs, most of the assortiment is especially customized for the many German tourists in Peguera. Actually, the whole destination is laid out for German tourists, restaurant advertisements and menus are in German, most staff knows German and everything is signed also in German. In the evening, bars normally offer entertainment or live shows, which is also tailored for the German tourists.


The beach Playa la Romana is the smallest beach of Peguera’s three beaches. The beach is lined by a broad sidewalk with restaurants and bars. As the beach is rather small and surrounded by apartments, it is not that overcrowded by tourists. Playa Palmira is the biggest and most central beach in Peguera. As the beach is surrounded by huge hotels, it can get crowded during the summer months. The beach has been filled up with sand, so that every tourists finds a place to relax. Playa Tora is the second biggest beach in Peguera. This beach is separated from Playa Palmira by a rock spur, where the seafront walk is discontinued. All beaches invite to relax and sunbath. Sun chairs are provided and lifeguards look over the holidayers security.


Discos and nightlife entertainment has mainly been banned from the city, in order to give Peguera a new look and to attract another more tranquil type of tourist. Around Peguera the Tramuntana mountains invite for hike through the green mountains and golf courses nearby offer a relaxed sport activity.

How to get there

You can take the bus L 102 from Palma to Peguera.