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Petnica cave

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Cave which is the oldest testimonies about the life of people in western Serbia

1/1 Prote Mateje, 14103 Valjevo

Petnica Cave and its surroundings hold the oldest testimonies of human life in western Serbia. The research of this archaeological site near the cave began in the past century and it was conducted by Josif Pancic and Jovac Cvijic. In additions to the cave’s archaeological heritage, it also holds speleological and paleontological value.


The cave consists of a 600 meter long channel and a number of chambers and a flowing underground river. Its most spacious chamber known as Concert Hall has natural light which comes in from two openings from the ceiling. This light as well as the favorable climatic conditions in the area created a perfect environment for its prehistoric residents.


Research has shown that the cave and the archaeological site in front of it was the first Neolithic habitat in Yugoslavia, with proof of life that is over 6000 years old.


Inside the cave, several objects were found pertaining to different periods, including weapons from the Neolithic period, a fireplace, bones of different animals and military equipment from the Roman period, remains of medieval refugees and many other things have been found.


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