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Petrovaradin Fortress

Photo credit: Vladoziljak / Foter / CC BY-ND
Petrovaradin Fortress
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  • 1-2 km
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  • 2 hours
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Looking to hike in nature, a place to relax and have a coffee, artistic inspiration or a place to party until dawn?

Petrovaradinska Tvrdjava, Novi Sad 21000

Petrovaradin Fortress is located in Novi Sad, Serbia, on the right side of the Danube river. The construction of the fortress lasted for 88 years, from 1692 to 1780. The fortress covers 112 hectares and is comprised of two parts. The upper part sits on a web of underground tunnels totalling 16 km in length. All the buildings are in the lower part.The fortress was used for military purposes until 1948, so the residential area for officers was in the lower level, as well as the barracks, hospital, arsenal and the town government. Today, the fortress is a tourist attraction under the protection of the state.


There are two ways to enter the fortress, by foot, which can be tiring because you have to climb a lot of stairs, and by car straight to the top, where you can find a parking space. Once on the top, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Danube river and the city. The view is even more spectacular at night. Inside of the fortress, you can find a museum, an Art academy, an observatory and a number of art studios. While walking, you can use your time to watch artists paint or even have a chat with them. You can also have a coffee or a meal in one of the cafes and restaurants.


The biggest attraction is the clock tower where the shorter hand shows minutes and the long one shows hours, because it was important for the fishermen on the Danube river and for the soldiers on the watch to know the hour and to see it from a distance. The clock is manually wound on a daily basis, and it rings every hour.


Over the years, numerous cultural events took place in the fortress, but the most popular one that has been held annually for the last fifteen years is the Exit festival, one of the best in Europe. Fortress offers very good acoustics, allowing more than twenty stages to function without the sound from the stages interfering with each other. Some of the most famous artists in the world performed at Exit, and as a result, between 150.000 and 200.000 people attend each year.


Petrovaradin fortress offers something for everyone. You will enjoy it if you are looking for a hike in the nature, a place to relax and have a coffee, artistic inspiration or a place to party until dawn. So, be sure not to miss this one.

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