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Pforzheim Stadtmuseum

Photo credit: mueritz / Foter / CC BY-SA
Pforzheim Stadtmuseum
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The history of Pforzehim

Stadtmuseum Pforzheim Westl. Karl-Friedrich-Str. 243 75172 Pforzheim

The City Museum in Pforzheim located in the Brötzingen district near the old parish church of St. Martin, the old school house, rectory, several barns and a serene herb garden, the City Museum provides an ideal destination for the visitors.


The history of Pforzehim comes to life here in addition to the historical city models, moving large images and media art. The museum exhibits among other things the history of the city, life in the town and country, occupations and crafts, and replica of the first car that was constructed by Karl Benz.


Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday:
14:00 - 17:00

Sundays and public holidays:
10:00 - 17:00