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Piazza Vittorio – Rome

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Different places in Roma: Piazza Vittorio

Piazza Vittorio
Here you can eat everything. Really!

This is where the multicultural factor reaches its climax; this is where North Africans, Chinese and Europeans live together in peace, talking hybrid languages with a common dictionary: business. Piazza Vittorio is a square full of life, to explore from top to bottom: there are special places like the oldest Chinese herbalist’s shop of the city, a great Syrian restaurant and the Buddhist temple.

How to explore the area? Strictly on foot. you will find yourself, step by step, in different countries and areas, like the Esquilino market, where Chinese, Afghans and Moroccans  products compete with Italian ones. You can buy fruits, vegetables, traditional dress of other cultures and a very low price shirts. There is also a school of Chinese!

Why do you have to come in this different area of Rome? Because it’s different, in fact. Because you can come into contact with countries never visited before an people from all the world and discover how they live together with Romans, Paradoxically, this is one of the most particularly authentic area of the capital!