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Pionir Park

Paulownia u Pionirskom parku ". Licensed under Public property via Commons Wikimedia
Pionir Park
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One of the main parks in Belgrade

Pionirska Beograd 11000 Belgrade

Pionir Park (Pioneer Park) is one of the central parks in Belgrade, located between the Boulevard of King Alexander and King Milan Street, Knez Milos and the Dragoslav Jovanovic Street. Until 1944, it was surrounded by a high iron fence and served as a garden of the Old Palace (now the Belgrade City Assembly). After the ending of World War II, the fence was removed and the park began being used for public use.



Today, the park holds a  memorial plaque with the image and the name of all Serbian military commanders from the First World War.



In the park area, buildings of the Old and New Palace can be found. The Old Palace was built as the residence of the royal family Obrenovic. After a project by architect Stojan Titelbah, the construction  of the palace began in 1912 and ended after the First World War.



The New Palace was constructed for the royal family, Karadjordjevic. From 1934 to 1948, the building housed Prince Paul’s Museum and the National Museum. Today, the building is used as the cabinet of the President of the Republic of Serbia.



In the park, there is fountain with a statue of a girl with a jug, a couple of sculptures and a statue of the only Serbian Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, Ivo Andrić – next to the park, there is a museum dedicated to famous writer.

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