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Pivovarna Union / Brewery Union

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A must for all beer lovers: Union Brewery Museum and Union Pub

Pivovarniška ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Delicious traditional slovenian cuisine.
In Union Pub try brewery degustation, where you get 3 different types of their beer (3x0,1l), so you have the chance to try more beer variations without overdoing it.



The Union Brewery was founded back in the year 1864 by the children of one of the richest citizens in the near city Kranj, Johann Kostler. The production of beer and other alcoholic beverages started then in 1867.


In the days before the Second World War started, the brewery was used to accommodate the Yugoslavian soldiers. Due to the lack of raw materials and the loss of sales market in this time of war, the brewery’s position deteriorated.


After Second World War, in 1947 the brewery was renamed to Pivovarna Union (The Union Brewery) and in 1986 the brewery museum was opened to the public. Since then the same name of the brewery was maintained.


The Union Brewery Today


Today the Union Brewery is the one of the largest joint-stock enterprises in Slovenia and produces as the main product, of course, the beer and also refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and spring water. The locals are very proud of its rich history and it is considered to be the oldest industrial heritage in Ljubljana.


For all beer lovers, it is a must to go to the brewery museum, which covers an area of 600 square meters. Here you will see many museum showpieces, the historical methods of beer production and follow the historical development of the brewery. At the end, you will have also the chance to see today’s beer production and technological process.


You can reserve guided tour via their website or over the phone. Tours are available from Monday to Friday at noon, or from Monday to Saturday at 3 pm and 5 pm. Meeting point is at Union pub.


After the guided tour don’t forget to visit Union pub, where you will have the chance to taste an exquisite selection of beer and a taste of traditional Slovenian cuisine, which is prepared in the open kitchen in front of you. The Union pub is opened from Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 12 pm and on Friday and Saturday is open from 11 am to 01 am.

Opening hours

Guided tours are available: Monday-Friday: at noon Monday-Saturday: at 3pm and at 5pm Union Pub is opened: Monday-Friday: 11am to 12pm Monday-Saturday: 11am to 01am

How to get there

By taxi:
Union bar, Celovška Cesta 22, Ljubljana.
By the bus:
You can ride on the buses 1,3,5,7,8,25 and exit on the Tivoli bus stop.
On foot:
From the pedestrian zone in the city centre walk to Celovška Street and go along until you come straight to the Union Bar.
By car:
Direction from city centre: drive along Celovška cesta, until you see on your left side, Tivoli Park. Here turn left to Tivoli Park and you can park your car here.
Direction from highway:
drive along Celovška cesta, direction Centre, until you see on your right side, Tivoli Park. Here turn right to Tivoli Park and you can park your car here.
The Union Pub and brewery is just across the street. Parking si payable, but it is the cheapest one in Ljubljana. You will pay for first two hours 0,60 €, and then for every additional hour 0,50€.

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  • Pivovarna Union / Brewery Union
Pivovarna Union / Brewery Union