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Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas
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A paradise for surfers at the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast

Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
At Café Revolución you can taste some of the best brick-oven pizzas around the area. At the last hut towards the North you can enjoy some delicious and cheap Burritos. The Tres Hermanos Hostel offers fresh fruit smoothies every day.
Stay at the beach for a little bit longer and you will experience an unforgettable sunset while enjoying a cool Toña, the Nicaraguan national beer.

If you want to surf without the crowd come during early morning or late afternoon.

The beach Playa Maderas is approximately 9 kilometers North from the tourist city San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast. The sand beach stretches about 1.5 kilometers and has an impressive coastline characterised by its wave-shaped rock at the Northern end. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the jungle, to ride perfect waves every day and to relax away from the bustling tourist center San Juan del Sur. Playa Maderas is a surfer’s paradise not only for advanced surfers but also for beginners. Even though it is the most popular surf spot in Nicaragua, it is never too overcrowded.


At Playa Maderas you can enjoy a consistent beach break all year round, however the best season for surfing is March through November. The best surf conditions are during mid and high tide. Beginners can enjoy the good inside waves, whereas the outside sections are fun for advanced surfers. There are some perfect right and left breaks and even some hollow tubes to catch. If you are new to surfing, the surf schools at Playa Maderas will help you to ride the right wave. A lesson including a surfboard should cost about $25. It is also possible to just rent a board for $10 a day.


If you are not interested in surfing or if you just need a break from it, Playa Maderas has a lot more activities to offer. During low tide you can walk along the coast to the northern beaches Playa Matilde and Playa Majagual. These are two magnificent, deserted beaches with white sand and aligned with palm trees. Another option is to book a horse riding tour and gallop along the coastline. At Playa Maderas you can also practice your fishing skills by heading out on a boat trip with the “Los Tres Hermanos” hostel. You will catch some fish, explore hidden beaches and maybe you are even lucky enough and spot some dolphins.

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How to get there

Most hostels and surf schools in San Juan del Sur offer shuttles to Playa Maderas every day. The cost is $5 for a return ticket. Another possibility is to go by taxi. The driver should charge between $15 and $20.

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