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Playa Majagual

Playa Majagual
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A deserted beach near San Juan del Sur

Playa San Lorenzo (Playa Majagual), San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Sometimes there is a small shack offering food and drinks. Otherwise Playa Matilda and Playa Maderas are the closest food options.
Walk to the small beach to the right side. It is an amazing spot!

Playa Majagual is maybe San Juan del Sur’s most beautiful beach – and nobody knows it! Also calles Playa San Lorenzo, the beach is located 12 kilometers north from San Juan del Sur. It is the same road as going to Maderas and after 6 kilometers you have to turn right, following the signs. However, it is easier to get to Maderas and then walk about 15 minutes along the beach to reach Playa Majagual. It is a beautiful walk, starting at Maderas, passing Playa Matilda until you reach Playa Majagual.

When you reach the beach, you will feel like on a tropical island. Playa Majagual is totally different to the other beaches around the area, due to it vegetation. The beach is lined with huge palm trees, the sand is white and ample. It really does feels like paradise. And you know what is the best? Most probably you will be alone at this pretty beach, as it is not one of the common beaches advertised in San Juan. You will not find any convenience store, no restaurant or snack bar. So either you bring everything you need on your own, or you go to Playa Matilda or Maderas for a snack.

Normally, there is no surf at Playa Majagual. It is a beach for walking along the shore, exploring the secret beach to the right during low tide and to refresh yourself in the blue, cold water. The views from this beach are breathtaking. You will spot smaller beaches to the right and to your left you will see the famous wave-shaped rock from the back. Small waves will hit the sand. A gentle breeze will stroke your skin. You reached a tropical paradise. Maybe the most calm and idyllic beach in the whole San Juan area.

How to get there

You can take a shuttle from San Juan to Playa Maderas and walk about 15 minutes along the beach. The beach lies north of Playa Maderas, so you have to walk to the right side in order to reach the beach.
An alternative is to take a direct taxi from San Juan del Sur.

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Playa Majagual