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A tiny village, home to one of the most ancient civilization in the world

Plocnik is a village in Southern Serbia, in Toplica district, located between the cities of Prokuplje and Kursumlija, considered some of the most beautiful in Serbia. Pocnik, in particular, is special because this small village contains the oldest metallurgical center of the world, which dates back to 5000 years BC.


The settlement from the time mentioned above was part of the oldest civilization in the world, known as the Vinca culture – we are not talking about Sumerian, Greek or Roman ancient civilizations, but one that existed even before that.


Located on the banks of the Toplica River is an archeological site that covers 110 hectares – the remains of the Vinca civilization, which covers from 5500 to 4700 BC. Objects made out of stone and copper and remains of pottery have been found on this site, making it a haven for archeologists. The site was discovered by Miodrag Gbric, a curator of the National Museum in Belgrade, in 1927.


The settlement was divided into three parts and its inhabitants were farmers that used tool made up of stone. The discovery of metallurgical furnaces on site change the previous conceptions about the beginning of human mining and metallurgy, making it about half a millennium older than it was previously thought.


But that is not all.


Plocnik is also famous for another historical event. During the 14th century, this small village was the site of a battle between Serbian and Turkish armies, in 1386. To date, not much is known about the battle except for the result – the Serbian army won and postponed the Turkish occupation. Aside from that, how many soldiers fought, the tactics that were used, etc, still remain unknown to modern history. The next battle between these armies occurred in Kosovo, where the Serbian army was defeated.


Plocnik, along with the whole Toplica, is an area of huge historical importante. Topica was the first center of medieval Serbia. Today, in Topica, there are 3 spas and 3 monasteries, one of which is over 800 years old. Although it is often overlooked by vistiros, Plonik and Topica should be the national pride of Serbia.