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Porte d’Aix (Porte Royale)

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The porte that marks the point where the city of Marseille starts from the road

Place Jules Guesde, 13003 Marseille, France

The Porte d’Al is an arch located in Marseille that marks the point where the city starts from the road. It was first built in 1784 to commemorate the Peace of Paris that put an end to the was for independence of the United States. However, the monument remained unfinished until 1839 as its construction was resumed until 1823 to commemorate many French victories. Usually, those who visit Marseille do not see the arch as it is rarely found in guides and also because it is located a bit far from Marseille’s main sights.


The arch was designed by architect Michel-Robert Penchaud and he inspired the look of the arch on the Arch of Titus in Rome.


The arch is truly quite wonderful. It’s main façade shows several battles such as the ones of Heliopolis, Marengo, Fleures and more. Also, eight statues were placed to represent virtues, but only four remain today.

How to get there

Metro stations: Jules Guesde and Colbert