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Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave
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Cool off navigating underground through the Postojna Cave system

Jamska cesta 28, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia
Bring a jacket! You will get very chilly navigating through the cave. It is usually about 10 Celsius / 50 Fahrenheit.
Tours: Adults: 22,90 € Students: 18,30 € Children aged 15 or less: 13,70 € Children aged 5 or less: 1,00 €

Postojna Cave is the largest and most popular cave open for tourists in both Slovenia and Europe as a whole. This attraction has welcomed visitors for over 200 years now! The cave is set up where you are driven by a little electric train down a path going through tunnels. There is one stop along the path where you get off to tour the cave with an informative guide by foot. The unique rock formations you will see during your tour are truly remarkable. These shapes have been formed as a result of the changing water levels leaving layers of limestone behind.


As magnificent of a site the stalactites hanging and other rock formations are, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch some wildlife. The most common animals spotted are Bats. If you don’t spot any wildlife on your own, your guide will direct you towards an aquarium displaying the different aquatic species that live in the cave.


The final stop of the train is a large underground hall. In fact, the hall is even used to host concerts and other events. There is a boutique available for you in the hall, but there are plenty of other shops available once you exit the tour where you can buy souvenirs (and at a more reasonable price). In addition, you will find a small food court where you can get a bite to eat.


Claustrophobic tourists are often afraid of visiting this site, but despite the short train rides through narrow tunnels, the cave is very open and peaceful. Postojna Cave is definitely worth putting on your itinerary for your next trip to Slovenia!

Opening hours

7 days a week: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

How to get there

Intercity buses from Ljubljana, Koper, Rijeka and Nova Gorica will take you to the bus station Postojnska jama in front of the Postojna Cave.