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Potpece Cave

Potpeće cave, Serbia 01". Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons Wikimedia
Potpece Cave
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  • 2 hours
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The highest cave entrance in Serbia

Potpeće BB, 31000 Užice
There are some restaurants offering local cuisine located about 14 kilometers away from the cave

Potpece is a cave located in the a town with the same name only 14 kilometers southeast of Uzice. The entrance to the cave is located on a steep limestone cliff at the foot of Dreznicka Gradina. With a height of 50 meters and a width of 12 meters at the base, Potpece’s entrance is the largest cave entrance in Serbia.


The cave consists of two main levels: Upper Cave (older) and Lower cave (younger) as well as three groups of channels.


At the entrance of the cave, remains of people from the Neolithic period were found along with many items including pottery, flint tools and processes deer antlers. The cave was first explored by Jovan Zujovic in 1893 and later on by Jovan Cvijic in 1914.


It began being used for tourism purposes in May 1980.


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