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Pozdrav Suncu

Photo credit: tomislavmedak via / CC BY
Pozdrav Suncu
  • (worth a detour)
  • less than 1 km
  • Easy
  • Free
  • 1 hour or less
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The perfect place to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Croatia.

Istarska obala, 23000, Zadar

Pozdrav Suncu, or Monument to the Sun in English is an intresting tourist attraction, but we recommend visiting it during the night hours, because it’s a huge solar panel which lights up once the Sun sets.


This piece represents the Solar system, so around the big panel there are a couple of smaller ones, representing the planets of our Solar system. During the day they soak in the sunlight, and then in the dark they shine bright and they look amazing!


If you’d like to take a couple of pictures here, that might be a bit of a problem. Since the panels light up when the Sun sets, the pictures tend to be a bit dark, Also, the light from the Monument is not a good enough light source for taking pictures.


The Monument to the Sun is located right next to the Sea organ, which is also on our list of Unusual and weird things to do in Croatia.


We recommend this beautiful attraction because it’s lovely and it has a relaxing and positive vibe to it. You can visit it, sit down on it or next to it and enjoy in the sounds of the Sea organ and the people who are all around you, enjoying the same thing as you do!

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