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Prandau-Normann Castle

Photo credit: Ljudevit
Prandau-Normann Castle
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One of the oldest and largest castles in eastern Croatia

Ulica dvorac Prandau-Normann, 31550 Valpovo
Prandau – Normann Castle, located in the town of Valpovo, is one of the oldest and largest castles in the region and is among the most valuable historical architectural assemblies of secular architecture in eastern Croatia. It was built by upgrading old works, which resulted in this unique, picturesque and historical unit. The castle’s complex consists of medieval towers, baroque side wings resting on the outer walls, the castle’s chapel, the inner courtyard and the late Baroque-classicist front of the palace. It is surrounded by the 19th century’s medieval defensive moats that were filled with water and connected to the nearby river, Karasica Lake.

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How to get there

Highway Zagreb-Lipovac exit Svilaj and continue to highway A5 to Osijek and by road to Valpovo