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Princess Ljubica’s Residence

Photo credit: Jorge Lascar / Foter / CC BY
Princess Ljubica’s Residence
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The former court of Serbian dynasty Obrenovic

Kneza Sime Markovica 8, 11000 Belgrade
Across the Residence there is Question mark tavern, the oldest tavern in Belgrade, which is proclaimed for cultural monument. Here you can taste traditional food and enjoy an old-fashioned interior.
Entrance fee is 100 dinars (approx. 0.85 eur/0.90 usd)

The Residence of Princess Ljubica is one of the oldest buildings in Belgrade and an excellent example of so called Serbian-Balkan architectural style. After gaining autonomy from the Ottoman Empire, prince Milos Obrenovic noted that there was a need for building a Belgrade court for the ruling dynasty Obrenovic. This was a reason for the project of the residence which was built in the period from 1829 to 1831.
The residence also housed some administrative services of the court and served for the official receptions and meetings. Since the residence was in the vicinity of the Turkish military garrison (located in the Belgrade fortress) Prince Milos stayed here only occasionally, since the new court was built for him in Topcider, out of range the Turkish cannons. In the residence lived his wife Ljubica, with sons – Milan and Mihailo.
The building is preserved as a most representative urban house of the first half of the 19th century. The design has all characteristics of the oriental architecture, but with the decorative elements of classicism which announced the influence of the West on the national architecture in the early period of renewal of the Serbian state.
It is now a part of the Museum of the City of Belgrade. The permanent exhibition consists of original furniture, made in oriental-Balkan style as well as other styles from 19th and 20th century (classicism, Biedermeier, neo-baroque). Here you can see how looked interior of bourgeios Belgrade houses in the 19th century.

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10h-17h; Thursday: 12h-20h; Saturday: 11h-17h; Sunday: 10h-14h; Monday: Closed.

How to get there

You can reach Residence by walk from the Knez Mihajlova street. Turn left onto Kralja Petra street, walk down the street (by the left side) and you will see the house in front of you.