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Profile of Time in Wroclaw

Profile of Time in Wroclaw
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Artwork of the genius Salvador Dali

ul. Powstańców Śląskich 95 53-332 Wrocław

At first, this sculpture may seem just like somebody’s attempt to make a sculpture after seeing the Dali’s famous picture. But actually, “The Profile of Time” is the sculpture made by Salvador Dali himself. This sculpture is the artwork from the series which started with the most famous painting “Persistence of Memory”.


It stands in front of the entrance to tallest building in Poland, the SkyTower. This sculpture is the third of the 8 sculptures in the series made during 1977 – 1984. This sculpture is almost 4 meters high and made of bronze. Lots of tourists come here to see this best known surrealistic image in the world.


The sculpture is situated in the open air on the street – a symbol that art should be close to people. “The Profile of Time” is interesting both to art admirers and simple people who don’t understand art much. Dali is the symbol of the XX century, and his famous picture is known almost to everyone. Maybe that’s the secret of the sculpture’s popularity.


The artwork has been standing there from 2012, when it was moved from the inside of the Arkady Wroclawskie mall to stand in front of the newly opened skyscraper. The authorities don’t bother about vandals and thieves. Firstly, there are almost no vandals in Poland, and secondly, the sculpture weighs 1300 kilograms, so it is pretty difficult to steal.

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