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Prolom Banja

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Prolom Banja
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Popular spa centre

Village of Prolom, 18 km southeast of Kursumlija

Prolom Banja spa is located in southern Serbia, 23 km from town of Kuršumlija, 290 km from Belgrade and 82 km from the city of Niš.
Prolom Banja has several thermal mineral water springs (from 26 to 31.5°C), which are lightly mineralized and highly alkaline. Mineral water has a pronounced diuretic and a bacteriostatic effect. Prolom Voda water is odorless and pleasant tasting, and it is also recommended for drinking. The water is bottled and can be bought in almost every shop in Serbia.
The curative waters of the spa are used for hydrotherapy. In the spa’s therapy block various treatments are performed: mud therapy, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy and massage.
In Prolom Banja the following are treated: kidney and urinary tract, diseases of the digestive organs, skin diseases, diseases of the peripheral blood vessels.
In the vicinity of the spa is Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town), a unique natural phenomenon created by erosion.

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How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis-Leskovac, exit Merosina and by road to Prokuplje-Kursumlija-Prolom Banja