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Ptuj is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia.

Ptuj, Slovenia
Bar "Amadeus" is a very nice place with great location.
Address: Prešernova ulica 36.

Ptuj is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. It’s located in the north-east of a country (Podravska region, traditional Štajerska region) on the banks of river Drava.


If you are interested in history, architecture, and cultural heritage, it’s highly recommended to visit this small town at least for a day. Also, Ptuj is one of the most charming continental towns in Slovenia.


Ptuj region was already inhabited in the Late Stone Age, and in the Iron Age, its area was settled by Celts. Around 1 B.C. the Celtic settlement came under the rule of Ancient Rome. Emperor Vespasian was appointed to Ptuj in 69 A.D. and that same year counts as the first recorded reference of Ptuj.


The total area of modern Ptuj is 25.6 km2, рopulation is almost 24 000 inhabitants.


Ptuj’s attributes are the abundance of historical and cultural legacy. Wherever you look, the heritage is your landscape. The old medieval city core is almost fully preserved, Ptuj castle and its collections, priceless wine in a vault underground, archeological finds in thousands, exceptional and dominant Mithraic temple, built by Romans in 2 A.D. River Drava and its shores give archeologists an abundance of finds, proving civilizations lived here for millenniums.


The most famous landmarks in Ptuj are Ptuj Castle, Town Hall, Little Castle, Orpheus Monument, Ptuj Town Theater. You can also visit The Regional Museum Ptuj that takes care of the Lower Podravje region’s cultural heritage. Address: Muzejski trg 1.


You can book guided tours through the old town center in Slovenian, German, English, Croatian and Italian language at the following providers:


  • TIC (Ptuj Tourist Board) Ptuj. Address: Slovenskitrg 5, 2250 Ptuj
  • Regional museum of Ptuj-Ormož.  Address: Nagradu 1, 2250 Ptuj
  • Capriturizem. Address: Ulica Viktorina Ptujskega 2, 2250 Ptuj
  • Ptujske Vedute. Address: Prešernova 6, 2250 Ptuj


At TIC, you can get all the needed information about Ptuj and its surroundings, and whole Slovenia. For it, you can take catalogs, booklets, and maps.  You can also buy mementos and tickets for various local events and shows.

But most of all town is famous for its Kurent Carnival, which happens annually at the end of February.

How to get there

By car -128 km from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
By train - around 2 hours from Ljubljana, less than an hour from Maribor.

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