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Puerto Portals

Photo credit: dirkvorderstrasse / Foter / CC BY
Puerto Portals
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A meetingpoint of international A-list celebrities, paparazzi and curious lookie loos

Puerto Portals, Portals Nous, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
You will find many high-class restaurants in Puerto Portals. One of them is the restaurant Tristan, one of the best restaurants on the island, which attracts an elegant and international clientele. Less formal is the Bistro Tristan next door.

Located at the south western coast of Mallorca lies the luxurious town Portals Nous. The small town is famous for its glamourous and chic marina Puerto Portals where Mallorca’s high society meets. It is the typical place where the upper class comes together to show off their big Ferraris and Porsches, their huge yachts as expensive as a family home and their exclusive jewellery and fashion from Armani and Gucci. Also hotel and restaurant prices are higher than on the rest of the island, with some of Mallorca’s best restaurants at the oceanfront of Porto Portals.


The town Portals Nous and the port Puerto Portals are small and can easily be walked by foot. Many exclusive fashion stores and designer boutiques can be found along the streets. This is topped with high class restaurants, most of them with a fabulous view over the marina. Something you will not find here, are the typical all-inclusive holidayers which normally frequent the whole island of Mallorca. Portals Nous and its surroundings are reserved for the high society and this is also reflected in the prices and standards around here, which are not affordable for everyone.


However, if you are interested in watching the rich and in being watched, then grab some money and afford a gourmet coffee at one of the many cafes along the marina. Most probably you will spot some celebrities from TV (maybe even Hollywood) over here, British, German and Spanish celebrities and persons of distinction or maybe even the Spanish Royal Family during their summer holidays. Puerto Portals also has a nice beach to offer with one of the best known beach bars on the island, the ‘Roxys’. This bar is located right at the waterfront close to the older urbanization of Portals Nous and is owned by some friendly South Americans. Towards the older urbanization of Portals Nous, you may also find some cheaper bars and restaurants, but maybe not the same glamour and chic as right at the marina Puerto Portals. As an alternative, you can also visit the nearby dolphinarium any marine zoo Marineland.

How to get there

The busses 104 and 107 leave from Palma to Puertals Nous. Otherwise you can get there easily by car on the Ma- 20 direction Bendinat.