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Puig de Randa and Santuari de Cura

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A spectacular panoramic view over the island from the top of the holy mountain of Mallorca

Santuari de Cura, Puig de Randa, Islas Baleares, Spain
The site has an restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks.

The monastery Santuari de Cura is located on the 542 meter high mountain Puig de Randa. Located in Mallorca’s south, the monastery lies between the villages Algaida and Llucmajor. The isolated mountain is well visible and stands out of the lowlands like a table mount. You will already make it out from afar. Equipped with three monasteries, the Puig de Randa is the second most important pilgrimage site on Mallorca, after the monastery of Lluc. Due to the three holy sites on the mountain, the Puig de Randa is also called the ‘holy mountain of Mallorca’.


Along the five kilometer long road up the hill, which starts in the small village Randa, you will come across the three monasteries. The first one is the Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Gràcia. From the 15th century building, today only the farmhouse and a small church remain. However, it has been renovated and can be visited, too. Next you will come across the 14th century Ermita de Sant Honorat, which is still populated by monks. They live in total isolation and thus the monastery cannot be visited. On top of the mountain you will reach the most important monastery, the Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Cura.


First settlements date back to the year 1229. The monastery started to gain importance in 1231 after the christian recapture of Mallorca by king Jaime I. In 1913 the Franciscans of the Third Regular Order took over the responsibility of the monastery and renovated it for the public. Entering the sanctuary, you can still feel the spirituality, the culture and the power of nature which resides in this space. It is a heritage place, closely connecting the past of Ramon Llul and the veneration of the virgin of Cura to the present presence of the Franciscans of the Third Regular Order. After entering through the huge gate, you will see the beautiful cloister garden to your right. Behind it lies the monastery church and right next to it the museum about Ramon Llul and a small souvenir shop.


Ramon Llul is an important personality for the monastery, as it was his domain for many years. In 1263 he returned to the monastery as an hermit and lived and worked inside the monastery walls for almost ten years. The Ramon Llul museum is dedicated to his life as a theologist, philosopher, missionary and linguist. You will discover various ancient scripts, articles of daily use and pictures of Ramon Llul. Towards the south, in the mountain wall beneath the monastery, you can even find his isolated meditating and sleeping cave. It is a 15 minute walk a small path down the mountain before entering the monastery walls, but you will not miss it, as it still get decorated with flowers and other donations.


In the west of the site is the huge terrace from where you can marvel over an excellent panoramic view. Being a unique space between ‘heaven and earth’ – as the Franciscans call their monastery – you can enjoy impressive views over the whole island: In the north-west the view schweifen to the Tramuntana mountains, in the north the vista reaches until Alcudia, in the east you will see the many bays of the east coast and south lies the capital city Palma de Mallorca.

Opening hours

Museum: 10.00 - 13.30 and 15.30 - 18:00
Restaurant: 8.30 - 21.30

How to get there

You can drive from the small village Randa to the top of the mountain. An alternative is to hike, there is a signed hiking path or to take the bike and ciyle up the hill on the road.

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Puig de Randa and Santuari de Cura