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Punakha Dzong

Photo credit: Anja Disseldorp / Foter / CC BY
Punakha Dzong
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A majestic structure in Punakha

Punakha dzong, Punahka, Bhutan

Punakha Dzong’s name translated into “the palace of bliss”. It acts as the administrative center of Punakha District and is the second oldest and secong largest dzong in Bhutan.


It is the home to the sacred relics of the Tibetan school in the area. Before Timphu became Bhuta’s capital, Punakha Dzong used to be the administrative center and the government seat of Bhutan.


The legend behind the dzong says that a person named Namgyal would find a hill in the shape of an elephant. Around the year 1675, Ngawang Namgyal found the a hill that appeared to resemble the trunk of an elephant and built the dzong there.