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Rake Water Channel

Photo credit: Ljuba Brank
Rake Water Channel
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  • 5-10 km
  • Easy
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  • 3 hours

Nice walk along »Rake« water channel on the Trail of Idrija's Natural Scientists


Take a nice, undemanding walk along the Rake water channel on the Trail of Idrija’s Natural Scientists (from Idrija to the Divje jezero) and enjoy the silence of peaceful nature, combined with great scenery. Educational boards along the way will give you the chance to read more about the trees and plants growing beside the trail.


The Rake water channel was created for the needs of the mining industry, as the miners had a lot of problems with water always pouring in the mines they were working in.

So they need to come up with a solution to keep the water out of the mine and they created a unique pumping system. The main part of it was the Kamšt Wooden Wheel and the other important part was the Rake water channel.


Rake water channel served the miners for more than 350 years, as it leads the water to the Kamšt and enables the pumping system to work.


Opening hours

Always open

How to get there

Take the road from the Kamšt Water Wheel and follow the signs for Wild Lake (Divje jezero).