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Rasino selo

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The unique village designed in traditional style

Rasino selo, Arandjelovacki put 7a, 11566 Rudovci
National Restaurant Kacara

Rasino selo (Rashaville) is a village designed in a traditional style, located in the vicinity of town Lazarevac.
The village is a unique project which combines traditional and modern way of life in Serbian villages. The main aim of its founder is a presentation of Serbian history and culture and bringing back to the roots and nature.
Rasino selo occupies an area of two acres and consists of three visually compelling units. Each unit is comprised of specific buildings that make it special and unique.
The first one, built of wood and stone, is an oasis of peace and tranquility where you can meditate.
The second unit, built of stone, is a combination of sports and recreation. In this area there are several objects: open theater scene, hotel for horses (the first facility of its kind in the Balkans), apartments etc.
Last, the third unit consists of hotel Ras, built in the medieval style, with an indoor swimming pool, a library with a large selection of books, an amphitheater, two stone wells, shop, tearoom etc.
Guests can work with the animals like feeding the birds, herding the cows, oxen and horses, harvesting grass, milking cows, goats, growing a vegetable garden, preparing cheese and shearing stand out.
All wood houses are equipped with the necessary amenities.

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How to get there

Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Mladenovac and by road to Mladenovac-Arandjelovac