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Rasnov Citadel

Photo credit: Alex Pănoiu / Foter / CC BY
Rasnov Citadel
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A medieval fortress with an amazing history

Rasnov, Brasov County
Make sure to have appropriate shoes for dusty and rocky road.
Around 2 Euros

This medieval fortress was built in the times of Teutonic Knights (1211–1225) with the purpose of giving shelter to the inhabitants of the village from the invasions at the time.  Its German name is Rosenaur Burg (at the time there was a consistent German population in the area) and it’s located on a rocky hilltop, 650 m above Rasnov Village.


Initially built by Teutonic Knights, later on, the fortification was enlarged by the Saxon population in the area. Today, it has more than 30 houses inside, a chapel, a school and other buildings.


Nine towers, two bastions and a drawbridge are part of the defense system of the fortress. The architecture is simple, adapted to the requirements of a defense building.  The walls are 5 m high, made of stones and bricks and 1.5 m thick in some areas.


In 1612, the fortress was invaded for the first time due to the fact that the invaders found the secret entrance used by its inhabitants to reach a source of water. Since the invasion, the population living inside the fortress decided to build their own source of water inside.  Legend says that the well was dug by two Turkish prisoners, on the rocky soil with the promise of freedom. The digging lasted 17 years.


Nowadays tourists can visit the remains of the fortress and behind the ancient walls there is a museum where many artifact objects are displayed to the public.


You can also visit the houses and secret passages from medieval times.


Near the citadel, there is “Dino Park” where you can see 80 dinosaurs built from glass, of which 20 are in natural size.


And to add up some more reasons why you should visit: “Cold Mountain” was filmed in this location and three more important American film productions.

Opening hours

April - October: 9:00 – 19:00
November – March: 9:00 – 17:00

How to get there

The fortress is located in Brasov, a city 2h and 40 minutes far from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. You can travel to Brasov by car or train. The fortress is in Rasnov Village, 15 km away from Brasov, on the road that links Wallachia to Transylvania.

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Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel Rasnov Citadel