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Rathaus, Basel Switzerland

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A standout amongst European architecture – History and culture lover must see

Town Hall Altstadt Grossbasel Basel

The Basel City Town Hall or “Rathaus” is one of the most interesting buildings that you will ever visit in Basel or Switzerland even. You could spend hours getting lost studying the faces of the featured frescoes that date back to 1522. The name, Rathaus or “Roothuus” in the local dialect both means “council house” and “red house”. The red sandstone facade of the building is the perfect backdrop for the human faces so intricately chiselled and hand painted out of the stone. The expressions alone are a study in human emotion and the sheer richness of the entire building artwork is enough to keep both history and art buffs salivating for days. The walls are decorated with paintings along the themes of Law and Legislation as well as Basel’s membership of the Swiss Confederation. Hard to think anyone could make such dry themes works of art but that is what strikes you when visiting Rathaus. Simply put it is a show piece! If this is not enough to get you to visit then the great local restaurants should give you enough motivation to go see.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7 am to 12 am and 1:30 pm to 5 pm open to the public. Saturday afternoon