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Red and Blue Lakes

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  • 1-2 km
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Two of the most fascinating lakes in Croatia

Crveno Jezero, Croatia

Two of the most fascinating lakes in Croatia, the Red and Blue Lakes are the perfect setting for a day of adventure. Both lakes are located near the town of Imostki.

Red Lake (Crveno jezero) is a karst cave filled with water near the city of Imotski. Being 287 meters deep, it is the deepest lake in Croatia. The lake was created by the collapse of the arch above the pit.

Its name attributes the red rocks found on the edge of the lake.

Blue Lake is considered of the most beautiful karst lakes in Croatia. The water level fluctuates considerably during the year and the lake completely dries often. When this happens, locals play football at the bottom of the dried-up lake. During the summer, however, there is enough water to enable swimming and the practice of several water sports.

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How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Split, exit Sestanovac and continue by road to Imotski