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Photo credit: tristanf / Foter / CC BY
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Pay a day visit in Reyðarfjörður to explore its nature and history

Fjords are great places not only for relaxing in stunning scenery but also for various outdoor activities – be it cycling or hiking, or horseback riding. For such purposes, I found Reyðarfjörður to be among best places in whole coast of Eastern Iceland.


Reyðarfjörður is a spot worth visiting for various reasons – being 30 km long it is not only the longest but also the widest of all fjords in East of Iceland. Historically, Reyðarfjörður was always quite an important location. Firstly it was used by Norwegians who were operating their whaling stations there and also did frequent fishing activities. In 1909 a road through Fagridalur to Egilsstaðir was finished turning the nearest town – Búðareyri – into significant trading centre. During World War II the coast was occupied by the Brits and actually there is plenty of legacy remained from those times: old barracs, some gun shelters and even airport. Nowadays the economy of this region largely relies on Alcoa aluminium smelter.


There is some great choice of activities to be done in the area for example you should surely visit War Time Museum, hike up Mt. Grænafell , try fishing in Andapollur or check out the stunning waterfall of Búðará. While hiking you can easily meet not only curious travelers but also locals, who have always loved spending their spare time engaging in various outdoor activities, so do not be shy to initiate a small chat with them since Icelanders are almost always extremely friendly and ultra-kind.

How to get there

There are several ways how to reach Eastern Iceland. The common one is simply by going by rented or private car and you can of course chose which way to go - northern or southern. It is also possible to reach Eastern region by taking a plane from Reykjavik to Egilsstaðir.