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Risovaca Cave

Ulaz u pecinu risovaca ". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia
Risovaca Cave
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  • 2 hours

A breathtaking cave and archeological site

Knjaza Miloša 267, 34300 Aranđelovac

Risovaca Cave is an 800 meter-long cave located near the town of Arandelovac. It was inhabited by humans in the ice age period and it’s very famous Paleolithic site in Serbia.

As a natural wonder, it is interesting for scientists as well as for visitors interested in learning about pre-historic history. The cave’s research began in 1937, but there were only two narrow entrances to the underground room so not much was explored.

In 1953, the archaeological investigations were restarted fossils of cave bears, mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, bisons, cave lions, leopards, cave hyenas, deer and more were discovered as well as corals and other objects used by humans to decorate the walls.


Because of its archaeological and paleontological significance, the cave was declared a cultural heritage in 1983 and a protected natural monument in 1995.

Opening hours

09:00 - 17:00